First post!

This is the very first post of my blog! It's not much but I wanted a place to share interesting anthropology (mostly bioarchaeology) news and photos and a place to keep an informal record of some of the fun events and activities I've enjoyed with my students over the years. I also wanted a way to easily share upcoming events with my students at Texas A&M University Central Texas (TAMUCT) in Killeen, Tx. It's worth mentioning here that this is my personal blog and as such does not reflect the opinions of my employer. 

To start I'll be sharing some of the photos of events and class activities since I started teaching in Killeen in 2013, so you might be seeing some older photos for awhile until I get caught up. If you're one of my longtime students reading this, hello :) Sorry it took so long! If you're new, welcome!

A little photo animation of our first burial excavation workshop at TAMUCT, held as part of the summer 2014 Forensic Anthropology course.  For this simulation we had a small team of about 10 students and we started very early because temperatures were projected into the 100s that day. It went well and paved the road for future burial simulations!


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