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Fun with the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

So I've been pretty busy writing and grading papers (but mostly writing)! It's a busy time of year and so much is going on this semester. I've got some camping trips planned and also AAPA meetings are coming up in April. I am also extremely excited for the Scotland study abroad!! Until then...
I wanted to share these images from the visit our Bioarchaeology class had touring the SEM microscope at Dr. Harvey and Dr. Torabi's lab at TAMUCT. In order to make the visit relatable to the class, I sent in two samples which Dr. Torabi graciously agreed to process for us. One was a deciduous molar with a large cavity, and one was of an osteophyte located on a manual distal phalanx (translation: small bone projection on the tip of the finger bone). These images were taken with the mobile scanning electron microscope. We really enjoyed our visit and I hope you enjoy looking at these images. Here's what Dr. Torabi has shared with me about the lab:
 "Our primary focus is c…

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