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Experimental archaeology: Dyeing wool with onion skins

Happy New Year! I can't believe its 2018 already...and I have so much writing to do still. Good news, we are definitely going to Scotland in May to study abroad! The course made and I'm so excited. I have a huge book list that I've been working my way through and enjoying every minute of it. I will have more about that later!

Until then, I have some photos from last fall that I've been taking way to long to share. As part of the 2017 Archaeology course at TAMUCT we did a little bit of experimental archaeology with textiles.

So in the archaeology course we spent some time talking about textile analysis and watched a pretty neat film about how natural dyes were used in Oaxaca, including dyes made out of flowers and bugs (more on that in a minute). Many of the traditions used for dyeing with natural dyes today in Oaxaca can be traced back to the same methods used in ancient Mesoamerica. There is also a robust tradition of dyeing and weaving textiles in the American Southw…

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