Forensic Anthropology 2015 Burial Workshop

So I'm still in the looking back phases of this blog, but hoping to catch up soon!

Tarp ready to set up our screen near the burial area
In November of 2015 I had planned to try the burial excavation workshop again as part of our Forensic Anthropology course at TAMUCT. This time I already completed the trial run so I had a better idea of how long it would take, what materials we would need, and when and where I might try burying a reproduction skeleton. One thing I didn't plan for was the class doubling in size! We made it work by rotating students in small groups so everyone could have a turn. I decided by next time though we needed to order more skeletons so we have a second burial.

Rough sketch of the burial during excavation

Here's another go with this Google Photos "create animation" showing a compilation of tools including the brand new screen which got broken in for this project.

The more photos you add the faster it goes...and I can't control the speed!

The fall 2015 Forensic Anthropology class at the successful end of the workshop!


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