Hamilton Pool

This is more of the personal part of my personal blog but I wanted to share this photo with you of Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, TX. I went for the first time with my very good friend in August of 2016. This place is amazing! I loved it so much I used one photo as the banner for this blog (for now at least!).

Sorry I couldn't resist this old camera filter
You hear that word "grotto" and it's hard to imagine what that looks like in person. Well, the photos really don't do it justice. The water was cold and not very clear (limestone dissolves into the water making it somewhat cloudy) but refreshing. The center of the pool is very deep and I'd say its best for competent swimmers (i.e. it is a bit scary if you swim out there and think about it too long). There are curious turtles which hang out and occasionally pop up. A rock shelter surrounds half of the pool which you can walk around. Before you go check out their website to make reservations and check if swimming is allowed: https://parks.traviscountytx.gov/find-a-park/hamilton-pool 


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