There's always time for archaeology

I've been so busy it's been hard to get back to this blog and post some of the photos I've been wanting to share! For the past two weeks when I haven't been teaching classes I've been out doing research by excavating at a historic cemetery in Gatesville (more details on that to come). Aside from the beautiful weather we have been having in Central Texas this February, I have been so fortunate to have excellent students and friends that have volunteered their time on this project. Here are some of my favorite photos so far:

John and Hannah starting a unit

Tori and me working

Probably the iron finial from a cemetery fence, found with the metal detector
Update: Research indicated this is really a spike from an antique mowing machine!

I can still fit into a unit!

My friend Sunshine's trowels, worn down from many seasons of excavation projects
Hannah loosening some clay with the shovel, John screening


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